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„Mejdinna Stancia” is a company which has nine years of history. The company was established in the year 2000 by Ivan Hristov and Andrei Arnaudov. In the beginning they were just a couple of unknown young guys who, together with some friends, made a television show for a small cable TV station. Nine years have passed and „Mejdinna Stancia” is now one of the most recognized and influential production companies in Bulgaria. The company is the only one in Bulgaria with successful productions abroad. It has a subsidiary in Serbia which produces several blockbuster programs on the Serbian FOX channel.

„Mejdinna Stancia” has a complete structure of all the necessary departments for television production: a production department; a creative and screenwriting department, a research department, a PR department, an administrative and financial department. The company has its own staff and resources for the complete production of practically all TV formats.

„Mejdinna Stancia” is the producer of the second and third seasons of the most successful reality show in Bulgaria - Music Idol. It is the only program that trumps the rating of Big Brother, and what is more – it does this in a face-off. Music Idol also outperforms the other megaproduction of bTV – Survivor, not only by rating but also in terms of public popularity. The second and third seasons of Music Idol have an average market share of 50-55% and the finale of Music Idol 2 holds the record for viewing at the astounding peak of 72 percent share of the primetime. The third season of the show even surpassed the second in terms of popularity because it was also broadcast simultaneously in neighboring Macedonia. There, the program became an unprecedented smash hit.

Apart from Music Idol, which is a format licensed by Fremantle Media, „Mejdinna Stancia” also produces the unique talk show Sblusuk (Clash). This original program by Ivan and Andrei is one of the three original formats in Bulgaria ever since there is free press (i.e. for the past 20 years). The other two were on Kanal 1: Student Program Ku-ku and Ulitsata (The Street). They were broadcast for a few seasons during the 90s while Sblusuk (Clash) has been on the screen for eight years now. Every Sunday morning Sblusuk (Clash) has virtually no competition and constantly maintains 42-45% of market share.

For eight years Sblusuk has generated so many ideas and has given birth to such innovative solutions that often it is viewed as a role-model for dozens of other shows.

There is a wide variety of formats among the productions of „Mejdinna Stancia” . The company successfully produced in Bulgaria and Serbia two seasons of the hit game Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, licensed by Fox TV.

The Bulgarian version of the show is the only one in the world hosted by two hosts and broadcast every weekday (not only once per week).

Another hit production of „Mejdinna Stancia” is the chart show 10-te Nai (Top 10 Most…). This is a half-hour weekly show which ranks celebrities, events or phenomena based on certain criteria. In terms of concept and style it bears similarity to Fabulous Life on VH1. One of the biggest differences is that the team of „Mejdinna Stancia” managed to produce a new show every week which is an absolute precedent for similar types of shows.

Except for bTV, „Mejdinna Stancia” has productions for other channels as well. The society talk show Gradski Legendi (Urban Legends) has been running on TV2 for two years now. This show and Shouto na Azis (The Azis’ Show) are the top productions of TV2 and the host Vili Sechkova is one of the best-liked women on the screen. Viewers like her not only for her beauty but also because of her distinctive candid interviews filled with humor. The only such show on Nova TV is the one hosted by Veneta Raikova but the distinction is that Gradski Legendi (Urban Legends) is far more lush and glamorous, having more interviews and entertaining features.

Before Gradski Legendi (Urban Legends) „Mejdinna Stancia” produced one other society show on FoxLife - Déjà Vu. Also on that same channel, the company produced the classic show for funny ads Reklamna Pauza (Ad Break). Both Déjà Vu and Reklamna Pauza (Ad Break) ran for one season on FoxLife.

The business of „Mejdinna Stancia” in Serbia is managed by the local subsidiary of the company. The Serbian versions of 10-te Nai (Top 10 Most), Reklamna Pauza (Ad Break) and Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader have been running successfully for two years now on the Serbian Fox channel.

Ever since the first issue of Sblusuk (Clash) the hosts Ivan and Andrei started to promote their credo: “Nothing’s impossible!”. This motto is one of the most recognizable television brands in Bulgaria. In a sense, for „Mejdinna Stancia” nothing is impossible when making television. As evidenced by the abovementioned productions, the company has experience in nearly all major television genres and formats: talk shows, society and magazine programs, games, reality shows. Apart from being the producers of all these productions, Ivan and Andrei also have nine years of experience in hosting talk shows as well as games and reality shows.

An integral part of the company's success is attributable to team of screenwriters. The screenwriting team of Ivan and Andrei is highly-motivated, very productive and exceptionally effective. The portfolio of the screenwriters is comprised of successful productions on all national television channels. It is not an isolated incident for the team to be hired, including by competing media and companies, due to the high-quality of its work and its original ideas.